Revolutionizing GoodSense RV's Digital Presence and Sales Strategy

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Preparing Good Sense RV For Scalable Growth

Good Sense RV's Journey To A New Age of Success


Good Sense RV


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GoodSense RV & Motors, an RV Dealer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, collaborated with FocalShift to modernize their online presence, align their sales and marketing efforts, and manage their relocation process. With FocalShift’s assistance, GoodSense RV successfully revamped their website, implemented marketing automation strategies, increased their visibility through SEO and social media campaigns, and seamlessly transitioned to their new location.

Building The Foundation

SEO, Digital Marketing, and Strategy

GoodSense RV & Motors is an expanding RV dealership located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The owner acquired a large piece of land and broke ground in early 2022 to build a new brick-and-mortar facility. As the construction proceeded, GoodSense RV needed to modernize its digital presence, align its sales and marketing efforts, and ensure a smooth transition to the new location while maintaining their online presence.

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GoodSense RV sought to redesign their website, implement marketing automation strategies, increase their online visibility through SEO and social media campaigns, and update their local listings to reflect their new address. They aimed to provide a seamless customer experience when shopping on their website, capture leads through strategically placed forms, and manage their relocation process efficiently.

FocalShift redesigned Good Sense RV’s website, transitioning it from WIX to WordPress with e-commerce features for a seamless customer experience. They also implemented strategic lead capture forms and options for customers to interact with the business, such as scheduling virtual visits.

Content Creation + Automation equals growth

FocalShift deployed marketing automation strategies, connecting smart forms and automating lead distribution. They collaborated with the owner and management team to define the process and provided training to sales representatives. Good Sense RV saw a significant increase in leads after the website’s launch.

During Good Sense RV’s move to the new location, FocalShift updated all of their local listings, including Google and Apple Maps and other listings across the web, ensuring that customers could easily find their new address.

FocalShift coordinated Good Sense RV’s grand opening and deployed an influencer marketing campaign in collaboration with SocialQ, a local agency in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They brought in half a dozen local influencers and coordinated a content creation strategy to promote the event and boost the dealership’s visibility.

FocalShift also initiated a 12-month SEO campaign, increasing Good Sense RV’s ranking for over 1685 keywords and landing them in the top 10 for many high-value keywords. They helped create a consistent social media presence and supported display, programmatic, social, and streaming digital marketing campaigns targeting their demographic.

The Results
By partnering with FocalShift, Good Sense RV has successfully modernized its digital presence, increased lead generation, streamlined its sales and marketing efforts, and smoothly transitioned to their new location. With a revamped website, marketing automation, improved SEO, a consistent social media presence, and successful relocation, Good Sense RV is well-positioned for continued growth and success.

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